Whether you’re a lifelong resident of the city or a Chicagoland newbie, prepare to see the city in ways like never before—Questival Chicago has arrived! If this is the first time you’ve heard of the nationwide craze, the best comparison might be The Amazing Race, but with the volume seriously amped.


In just 24-hours, teams will undertake a series of tasks across categories like Food, Community & Cultural, Adventure & Fitness, Quirky, and a host of others, so arrive prepared for just about anything. A Luzon 18L backpack is included for each ticketed participant, so you’ll be equipped with a place to stash all your goods—and maybe even a pillow. The event runs overnight, but we hardly imagine you’ll be getting much sleep with adventure luring you straight into the morning.


Teams can range in size but are capped at 6, and even teens can get in on the action with a parent’s signature. Given the all-night nature of Questival, the event might not be suitable for all ages, but it sure is a great way to bond even tighter with family and friends. There’s still time to band yours together and grab tickets. Come up with a fun name—even a signature look—and be sure you download the app in advance. You might even do a bit of what we did and dig around for some samples of past challenges. It never hurts to be thinking ahead!


Check-in is at 6:00 PM on Friday, April 26. The app updates 24-hours beforehand with Chicago specific challenges, and it shuts off at 6:00 PM on Saturday. Immediately following, medals, awards, and prizes will be handed out before everyone heads home for some hard earned zzz’s. Tired as you might be, it’ll be hard shaking all the outrageous experiences had in just 24-hours. Check out what past participants are saying and try to resist jumping into this year’s action.


Okay, so you resisted. Now what? With a sunny weekend in the forecast, it’s a great time to take a Wilderness & Wild Flowers Walk through Lyman Woods. Downers Grover celebrates Founders Day with a weeklong series of events that are full-family fun. This Saturday’s include the walk, an Open Golf Tournament, and a Handmade Market. Featuring bath bombs, paper quilling, upcycled bottleware, and so much more, you can easily find an original, special something for that empty space in your home. The day promises a bit of something for all those you might bring in tow, so get out and see for yourself while enjoying some sunshine!


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Weekend Happenings


Here in Bolingbrook, Week of the Young Child continues with events scheduled right through Friday evening’s Ice Cream Social. There’s a Rubber Ducky Swim on Wednesday and Family Yoga or S’mores on Thursday, plus a load of other events throughout the Village. More adult-friendly options are easy to find, too, with performing arts and 5-star dining within easy reach:



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