Avocado toast … kale smoothies … we’ve seen a lot of healthy trends come and go. What produce will take spotlight this season, and in what form will it take? You’re sure to run into a few up-and-comers during this weekend’s Good Food EXPO where you’ll have a chance to get ahead of the curve.


Running Friday through Saturday at the UIC Forum, the exhibition is more than just what’s hip and now, it’s also about sustainable choices and healthy-living tips to keep your body and mind performing at their best. There will be chef demos, workshops, samples, and full-family fun for all. Highlight of the event will be the Good Food Marketplace where you’ll have plenty to choose from among its more than 150 artisans and vendors.


If you’re new to Bolingbrook, you’ve come to the hub of healthy marketplaces. A bounty of Farmer’s Markets surrounds us and (believe it or not) they’ll begin reopening soon enough. Here are some area favorites, listed in order of their 2018 reappearance. Mark those calendars and enjoy the fresh, local flavors!



Healthy choices are made even easier when they’re conveniently close and reliably fun. Plan for plenty of potlucks with neighbors and friends. Good times are about to start sprouting up!


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Weekend Happenings


There might still be suspect snowflakes in the forecast, but they can’t hold on much longer. They seriously can’t, right? As we roll through another week, we’ll soon be in April, and the signs of spring become unquestionable. With Easter on April 1 this year, you’ll see a range of related events both this weekend and next, including Easter Bunny Photos, the Bolingbrook Jaycees Easter Egg Hunt, and Parkie’s Egg Hunt –you can even have Brunch with the Bunny himself. Round up the little ones and hop to it … or, for an adult-friendly alternative, leave the holiday until its rightful place on the calendar and treat yourself this weekend. Anyone up for a run or some waffles?



The part can never be well unless the whole is well.


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